A L I V E...is a nonprofit organization with offices in St. Louis and Franklin County, Missouri. We provide counseling, shelter, and other services to families impacted by domestic violence.

Please contact one of our locations for more information.

St. Louis Crisis Line: (314) 993-2777

Franklin County Crisis Line: (636) 583-5700 or (800) 941-9144





Congratulations to our Green Seat Cardinals Raffle Ticket Winner, Diane Bargetzi! And a Big Thank You to David Sabada and A-Mrazek for Donating the Tickets!
















“My son Brendan Bargetzi attended Highland high school in Highland IL. Both he and Jake Odorizzi (the Tampa Bay pitcher) played baseball at Highland. Since my son was 2 years younger than Jake they didn't play on the same team. However, we have known Jake and his parents a long time. Jake's dad Mike, and Brendan's dad Gary played softball on the same team for many years and we became friends of the family.“ --Diane Bargetzi




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